why isnt anyone visiting my website

Why are there no visitors to my website? This is an important question many don’t seem to ask, instead they ignore this basic question and focus on what is not really important. Below are basic questions you need to ask on why your website is becoming irrelevant as the day goes by

  1. Is your website SEO optimized?
  2. Did you have a section for blog?
  3. Do you promote your website?
  4. Does your website take too long to long?
  5. Is your website user friendly?
  6. Is the content of your website relevant?
  7. Is your website mobile responsive?
  8. Is your website accessible?
  9. Are your keywords relevant?

Website site optimization is an important part of every website that cannot be ignored, this make sure your website comes up for people to access. There are several ways to get your website to rank higher in the results of search engines. The important thing is to ensure you think about your keyword placement. Try to include at least 5 specific keywords or phrases in your title, headline, main contain and alt tags. Make your meta tag title and description catchy, obvious what kind of site/business you have and ensure they are not too long.

By constantly adding new and relevant content to your site though your blog, you might be able to stand out in the eyes of the major search engines and generate a little bit of traffic from articles you have carefully prepared with keywords relative to your industry.

People are not too patient waiting for your website to load before accessing, once your website is slow, that alone scares people away because many people are not too patient to wait for your website to load. This means that you lose a potential customer before they actually see your website.

If you want people to find your site, you need to spread the word about it in many ways.

social media is an effective and easy platform to do so. To do this, you can create a facebook page, twitter account , linkedin and many more if people are to know about your website. You will require paid advertising but its Its totally worth it


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