The purpose of every website is for it to be visible to online users. Without visibility your website will not be seen by search engine, hence a proper search engine optimization (SEO) should be systematically carried out to increase your visibility in search engines.

A website is just like a shop in a big desert, and by default no website is visible to anyone. Most people feel that as soon as their website goes online, people will start flooding the website and business starts running. In reality, it does work like that. Building the website and launching it online is one thing, but getting it to be visible to audience is another thing, which requires a good seo. The purpose of seo is to boost ranking and increase visibility of your website.

Keywords are very important for your website to be visible. When you search for information online, you type certain keywords in the search engines search box and the search engine presents the result page called search engine result page (SERP).the domain that appear higher on the SERP are more visible than the ones below the page. This is a relationship between website visibility and keywords.

What is website visibility? Website visibility is the process of getting your website found on the internet when prospective clients are searching for related products and services. One way to achieve this is to get your website ranked high in the main search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing. When we say visibility, it means a visibility for a set of keywords, there is no such thing as perfect visibility. To know your visibility percentage use seo tools like SEMrush or SEOprofiler to know your visibility score. These tool will ask you to enter the keywords for which you want to know your visibility. Therefore, the selection of the keywords is crucial for the visibility score of your website. If you chose keywords that are less competitive and less value to your business, you might get a high visibility score but however, it may not be fruitful for the business.

Now let’s discuss some strategies you use to increase your website visibility.

USE HIGH VALUE CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE: if you want to make search engine friendly to your website, then you need to make your visitors satisfied with some valuable and well-researched contents. Do not just rephrase the content from other websites, create your content and publish regularly. See contents as the blood of your website, which is needed to boost your visibility. When writing content focus on your audience. Take note of some of the following when writing content for your website

  • Think about your target customers. Who are they? What are their problems and issues? You need to clearly and precisely define your target clients and build a customer-personnel relationship for your business. Only then you can target them in your campaign.
  • Visit yahoo answers, quora and other similar websites and try to find out what questions people are asking in your niche. Try to answer these questions in your content and use it to generate inbound link for your website.
  • Do some keyword research. Know your objectives and business goals. Then find some profitable keywords, arrange them in groups and make a map of keyword to your website.
  • Before writing content for your website, you need to know what titles are getting back-links and social shares. Do a research on titles and sub-headings that will increase your traffic.


SEARCH FOR ERRORS AND MISTAKES ON YOUR WEBSITE AND REMOVE THEM: This activity is known as technical seo. Errors like broken link will decrease your visibility on search engines. Find errors using deep crawl or screaming frog and remove them. Calculate your website speed and find how to improve it if it is slow. You can use GTmatrix to calculate the speed of your website. Learn to follow seo guidelines since you are relying on it or else you will be penalized.


LINK BUILDING: building link is essential for the visibility of your website. Having high quality inbound link/back-link is very essential. A back link is a link pointing to your website from another website. For example this is a link click here Back links can also be in the form of image as well as text. (Anchor link text is the text used to create a clickable part of a back link text). These links should be coming from relevant websites, you don’t need thousands of back link to increase you visibility. Focus more on website that have high domain authority. You can use MOZ website to find out the domain authority of any website. Building link takes time and it’s a gradual process, so you will need to be patient. Increasing the visibility of your website is a long term commitment, therefore take it slow and steady. Also try to get links with your content using active forums. When using forums for link ensure that your comment is genuine and related to issue been discussed.


ENGAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: we understand how social media works and what we can achieve with it. You can get your website visible with the help of social media but you need to take note of some critical points. However few of these will be discussed here. Some of the important points are:

Ask conversation-starter questions. Most people enjoy sharing their opinions on social media, so ask the fans to weigh in on topics that are relevant to your business and interest them. The questions should engage fans and inspire them to refer business while giving the business owner a great insight.

Provide value. Post topics on best practice while including fun posts that reflect your personality. It’s important to create content that benefits your followers and at same time of value to your business.

Avoid syndicated messages. While you can use tools that allow you to write one message and have it appear on variety of social media outlets, you risk losing the sincerity behind the message.

Find the hottest social media and focus on that. If you find out your audience are scattered across a variety of social networks, focus your effort on where they are most active. Not exactly certain? Ask, do a research. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time skimming the surface of multiple networks with little result.

PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE OFFLINE LOCALLY: there are still a large number of audiences who prefer paper or audio format. There are many local dailies and magazines out there with high advertising and circulation that can help improve your visibility. Maximize your advertizing effort by listing your website address on everything you do. Print the URL on your company’s letterhead, on your business card, on the front of your building or the door of your office suite. List the URL on any print advertising you do, including phone books, brochures, flyers and direct mail pieces.


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